So Why Personality?

A new blog is born…


And it’s about personality. Why? Because it’s the big hidden parameter. You rarely hear anyone in the media talking about it. Writers, reporters, pundits and experts – they are all thinking in other categories. Most of them think of sex, age, race, religion or social background as the relevant factors in explaining human behaviour.

This is due to the influence of two highly intelligent and yet very clue-deficient men named Freud and Marx. Their theories on human nature suggest that human behaviour is best described as a product of social circumstances, in Freud’s case the family and in Marx’ case society. While these ideas have failed miserably, their influence remain strong at the universities in disciplines like sociology, history and psychology.  A great many of the intellectuals who “inform” the public on human nature have taken classes in these subjects and are either outright Freudians and Marxists, or at least retain their basic frame of mind. They firmly believe that social factors can explain most human behaviour, as well as personality itself.

This of course is nonsense. Personality is largely inherited and changes little over the life span. Anyone who has been to a class reunion knows this. And personality is a much better predictor of human behaviour than any other measure in most situations. In fact, there is a lot of evidence showing that personality is largely responsible for creating a person’s social circumstances – and not the other way around.

Studies published in major scientific journals in personality psychology  have shown that personality traits affect almost all aspects of our lives. For instance things like crime, divorce, political opinion, religious beliefs, school grades, work performance, intelligence, income, alcohol and drug abuse, and how many children you get.

So personality is a pretty big deal. And that’s the major reason I started this blog: to present and discuss some of the findings in this highly interesting yet sadly neglected field. But I’ll also be writing about all sorts of other stuff that interests me, like new, politics, movies, books etc. Hope you like it.


2 Responses to So Why Personality?

  1. adambnoel says:

    I’m curious what one can do to even alter their personality. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile and it seems like it would take a conscious effort of acting in the way they want their personality to be changed and that in time their body would adjust to the effort they are putting into having their personality changed.

    Of course, this is not to suggest that we can drastically change our personality (I feel the combination of nature, nurture and our cultural background) are all very strong components of personality that are inseparable. None the less… I feel that people can make slight changes through the use of will to make differences in their personality in the long term.

    Of course… in a culture of convenience, security and decadence like ours a lot of people feel that such use of will power would be a waste of time. It can be overcome I believe… but in the end it will probably only amount to slight shifts not drastic changes.

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