What Everybody Missed About the AP Poll: Democrats Have More Implicit Nonblack Racists Than the Republicans

You can’t argue with this girl. Seriously, you can’t.

That’s right. This poll reported that 64 percent of all Republicans and 55 percent of all Democrats show implicit racism against Blacks. But racism is practically without exception directed at other groups rather than towards people of the same group. I haven’t found any exact number on this but it’s unlikely to be more than one percent of such self-haters.  At least  I don’t think anyone would disagree if I say that an estimate of 5 percent black self-haters is an overestimate. But let’s be generous and go with that.

So we know that 64 percent of the Republicans are implicitly prejudiced against Blacks. And assuming that 5 percent of GOP’s 2 percent black voters are self-haters they would make up 0.1 percent, leaving us with 63.9 nonblack racists out of 98 nonblack Republicans – which makes 65.2 percent of nonblack Republicans. Now we look at the 55 percent of Democrat racists. Of these 0.95 percent are black self-haters, leaving us with 54.05 nonblack racists out of 81 nonblack Democrats – which makes 66.7 percent nonblack racists among Democrats.  Slightly more than for the Republicans. And again, that’s assuming 5 percent of all Blacks are self-hating racists.

No, my point is not that Democrats are more racist. I just made this little exercise to show how people interpret data to fit their preconceived notions. My suspicion is that this poll doesn’t even measure racism – how do you measure something without even defining it? But I’m sure there is a lot of tribalism, that people like their own and dislike others, and some of that is in the form of racism. That, however, is a universal trait and nothing that is exclusive to white conservatives. As you might be led to believe judging by the reactions this poll has generated.

4 Responses to What Everybody Missed About the AP Poll: Democrats Have More Implicit Nonblack Racists Than the Republicans

  1. Hail says:

    Several years ago, there was a big controversy about taxi drivers supposedly refusing to pick up Black males at night in Washington, DC. (Not long ago, that city was the “murder capital of the USA”).

    Apparently it was true, and was documented. The most interesting thing about it all? Few, if any, Washington DC taxi drivers are White-Americans by the late 20th century; in fact, few are Americans at all — It seems all, or nearly all, are immigrants, with a large share actually Immigrant-Blacks. Immigrant-Blacks (especially Ethiopians), have a big hand in the taxi business in that city.

    So, what you had was Black taxi drivers regularly driving past Black passengers, refusing to stop to pick them up. They were giving up on the chance to earn money.

    Of course, the narrative was that this was Whites’ fault. It always is. Tenuously, one could argue that White ‘Institutional Racism’ (or something) can explain Nonwhite taxi drivers refusing to stop for Black men, but that explanation falls apart — few, if any, Washington-DC taxi drivers were socialized in American culture. Few speak English at home.

  2. Staffan says:

    We have a lot of that too. You’re not supposed to say that gypsies steal more than other groups, even though many gypsies themselves say it’s a problem. I wouldn’t be surprised if the white liberals who keep this nonsense up are the same that show up on the implicit racist tests.

  3. adambnoel says:

    That’s my biggest issue with white liberals. They talk about how multiculturalism is amazing, they talk about how white people are racist and they talk about how white people just want to enslave everyone… yet white people are the only people to ever embrace such notions. We are the only culture that ever entertained the notion of a blank slate approach to human behavior and we still entertain that notion.

    I encounter the same notion with strong liberal feminists. Men and women are different and that’s okay as far as I’m concerned. If someone can achieve in science then go achieve in science. I don’t care what gender they are as long as they are doing their job. When I say this I’m shouted down as a bigot and sexist. Is it because I don’t consider it a crime that women are under-represented in the hard sciences?

    Or maybe it’s because I consider there to be far greater issues to deal with. Damned enlightenment worldview of progress… it just had lead to relativity and cultural decline. The happiest nations are the ones that believe their culture is important, that find unity in their cultural identity and that share common cultural and moral values.

    • Staffan says:

      Yes, but some of those are rather static and undeveloped too. I guess it’s a matter of finding the balance between stability and renewal. Enlightenment wasn’t all bad but it turned sour in the 1800s and onwards.

      Locke actually says about raising children that when you try to form a childs character against its natural disposition it will look phony and the effect won’t last. He merely used the metaphor of a blank slate as a hyperbole. His followers however took at face value – anyone can become anything. That’s when the madness began.

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