An Alien Code in Our DNA?

"You won't remember any of this."

“You won’t remember any of this.”

According to Discovery News, Kazakh scientists claim that humanity may have been embedded with an alien code in our DNA and that for this reason the search for proof of extra-terrestrial life is more likely to be successful by looking in our genes than at the skies. I have to say I’m a bit astounded – I had no idea there were Kazakh scientists.

Seriously though, it’s an interesting hypothesis. If there is intelligent life out there, it’s fully possible that they are linked to us in some way – that we are related, that they’ve made or somehow manipulated us. Perhaps Charles Fort, the grand old man of all things paranormal, was right in his idea that we are someone’s property. But property or not, you have to wonder what would happen if they were proven right. Chaos and upheaval – or maybe people would calm down after a few weeks realizing that they still need to eat, sleep and work as usual. After all, not even the infamous radio broadcast of HG Well’s The War of the Worlds, declaring that the Earth was about to be invaded by aliens, led to much panic.

Personally I’ve always favoured a different hypothesis – that they could be here with us right now. If that sounds unlikely to you, then look at this experiment on the psychological phenomenon known as change blindness. It clearly illustrates how easily people’s realities can be distorted without them realizing a thing. Imagine what an intelligent life form whose survival depended on not being detected could do.

4 Responses to An Alien Code in Our DNA?

  1. JayMan says:

    The was an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that was based on that very premise:

    The Chase (episode) – Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki

  2. Staffan says:

    Hehe, I’ve actually seen that episode but it didn’t trigger my memory. They’ve must have covered a lot of the common speculations regarding aliens on that show.

  3. I don’t know if you’ve watched Jonas Elrod’s “Wake Up” but he visits a paranormal researcher in italy who records an alien face while he meditates. This researcher has a theory that we are being used as conduits by aliens. I blogged about it under the title “Wake Up” if you’re interested.

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