Human Biodiversity – Things You Are Not Supposed to Know About

As someone interested in personality, I find the field known as Human Biodiversity (HBD) to be fascinating. For those who are unfamiliar with it, HBD is a field in which controversial issues regarding human nature are explored, debated, and above all, brought out into the open. HBD is about things ordinary scientists and journalist would prefer you didn’t know about. Plausible but suppressed facts and theories on things like how inbreeding has turned people in the Muslim world more “tribal” than others, resulting in corruption and violence and low national IQs. Or how homosexuality actually has a very low heritability and may be caused by a pathogen. Or how low intelligence may be a greater health problem than overweight, how ethnic groups may differ in behavior for genetic reasons and how this affects society. And so on.

Often discounted as amateurs, racists, sexists etc, HBDers are a mixed bunch of people who pursue these issues with little or no funds at their disposal. They are rarely prominent experts in their fields – because that would no doubt get them fired – but they have plenty of education and intelligence, and I think any honest person who listens to what they have to say will have to agree that they offer more than just shock value. Human nature includes our dark and problematic sides too. A true scientist delves into that as well, because he holds the truth above all other considerations. In that sense HBD is more science than a lot of what passes as science in Academia.

There is no official introduction to HBD as yet, but as a next best thing you can read Jayman’s 100th post  published today, which offers a well-written overview of the field.

6 Responses to Human Biodiversity – Things You Are Not Supposed to Know About

  1. Dandre says:

    Maybe this can be described as the science lovers backyard. People show great respect for science, and let them self be guided by results of scientific investigations. Hume’s saying that you can’t make any claims what ought to be done on the basis of statements of what is, is easily disregarded. But with something like HBD, I guess many people feel something is wrong. And I’m inclined to think something is wrong too. But rather than just sweep these inconvenient things under the mat, I think it’s important to problematize the more general belief in science.

    • Staffan says:

      Agreed, and problematize HBD too. Since it fights the consensus in Academia – which is liberal – the things it unearths usually fits the conservative better. And while HBD is not racism per se, it could contribute to it. There is a internal discussion about these things.

      Although “backyard”? I’m more of a romantic; I like the word “rebellion” better, or Dark Enlightenment, used collectively for HBD and similar fields of interest : )

  2. nobody says:

    Can you back up these claims with links?

    • Staffan says:

      Read Jayman’s post. It has plenty of links to the various topics. Or you can read this blog which touches on the same issues, since personality is a central part of human nature. For the most time I have a link to a study or two to back it up. You can also check out HBD Chick who is very empirical,

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