I’m a rather socially conservative lefty who enjoys his privacy.

I like all sorts of things, for instance Italian and German operas from the 1800s and American films from the 1940s. And, obviously, psychology and especially the field of personality and the related topic of Human Biodiversity.

I actually believe in aliens and reincarnation, but this blog is mainly about more sciency stuff.

Favorite novel: Jane Eyre.


I’m also a lacto-vegetarian, and I’m completely straight (oddly enough).


15 Responses to About

  1. I also believe in aliens and reincarnation. I’m not sure about the details though… and I also go in and out of veganism mostly just veering to lacto-vegetarianism.

  2. […] paar dagen terug verscheen er hierover op een blog van iemand die zich ‘Staffan’ noemt (en die zich omschrijft als ‘a rather socially conservative lefty who enjoys his privacy’) een prikkelende […]

  3. malist says:

    OK I spent like an hour trying to post comments on your blog but your website wont let me. Something about invisible captchas followed by a refusal to reload.

  4. Paul Tieger says:

    Sure you’re not an INTP?

    • Staffan says:

      I’m a bit in between INFP and INTP but I’m pretty sure INFP fits me better – and I strongly suspect a lot of thinkers are mistyped feelers. You may be familiar with Jonathan Haidt and others who have shown how prone humans are to post hoc rationalization of emotional reactions. I don’t think the MBTI takes that into account.

      (Btw, Haidt is also interesting in that his foundations can be construed as subtypes of feeling.)

  5. Live-Evil says:

    Hey, I really enjoy your writing. Are you aware of the connection between schizotypy and Openness to Experience in the Big 5 personality inventory? Scott Barry Kaufman writes a lot about that. It seems to me that’s it’s possible to be low on one but not the other, but liberal European whites are moderately high on both (more so the openness to experience, of course).

  6. Staffan says:

    Yes, there are some connections, although openness is a more problematic and politicized concept. It’s fully possible that you are right since openness seems to include so many things whereas schizotypy is a more uniform trait. If you’re interested, here is my take on openness,


  7. Lisa says:

    Your comment about only pseudo-research being inspired by the five-factor model is completely false. In addition the reliability and validity of MBTI is questionable. Get educated, start reading scientific journals before you post about constructs you know very little about!!

    • Staffan says:

      Lisa, I will allow this comment, but if you want a serious discussion you will have to tone it down. I no longer have patience with angry people when there are so many others to interact with.

  8. Daniel says:

    I tried to leave a comment on one of your posts, but it seems not to be there. Could it have been filtered out for some reason (maybe because I had a few URLs in it)?

    • Staffan says:

      I’ve noticed the filter gets perfectly reasonable comments but right now we had holidays so I’m only just approving yours.

  9. Dawn says:

    Hi! I’m working on a psych paper, and I’d like to reference your essay “The Battle of the Giants: Big Five vs. MBTI.”
    It’s APA style, so is “Staffan” the way you’d like to be referred to as?

    And if I’m not bothering, I’d love it if you could give me some science articles to look into about the Big Five and MBTI!

    Thank you so much for your time!!!

    • Staffan says:


      You can refer to me as Staffan, maybe for clarity add that I’m a blogger.

      Sadly, there isn’t much scientific written about the MBTI, but an easy way to find scientific articles about anything is to search https://scholar.google.com/ You could also use http://sci-hub.io/ Although it’s possibly illegal, a lot of scholars use and recommend it. (As a disclaimer, I’m not recommending it, just mentioning it.)

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